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How to measure correctly?

Tips for measuring: The circumference measured at the height of the belt loop plus an additional 13 cm gives the correct belt length. Example: Circumference 91 cm plus 13 cm gives 104 cm. The optimal belt length in this case is 105 cm.

Belt as a gift: It is also possible to measure an existing belt: The length from the buckle to the most used belt hole is equal to Hip circumference, i.e. take this length and add 13cm, which gives the belt length.


Attention: Never measure the whole belt, because belts have different length belt ends.

Belt sizes adults

Belt sizehip circumference

The gift package "Uechig*":

  • 1 classic Appenzeller belt, without seam, black leather, golden ornaments and lace flower
  • 1 bottle of Appenzeller Gin G27 from the Appenzeller Alpenbitter Distillerie: Made according to their own recipe in Appenzell and only from the finest ingredients. An Appenzell masterpiece with origin and tradition. Wonderful for excellent drinks.
  • 1 Appenzeller Mostbröckli in one piece, weight approx. 230gr

* Appenzell dialect for "urchig"

The gift package "Uechig" will only be shipped to Switzerland and the ordering party must be over 18 years old > AGBs