Minimalist and cleverly folded, it fits comfortably in the hand: our new Appenzeller wallet "Sämtis".

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Date : 2021

"Sämtis", our wallet for minimalists, leather lovers and coin phobics now available.

If you are looking for an uncomplicated companion, have little cash and no large trouser pockets, you will love our new "Sämtis" wallet. Small and handy, made from a single piece of leather and cleverly folded, it fulfils the duty with the freestyle.

The wallet is of course made of "Traceable Leather", and is available in black, dark brown, cognac and light brown (Nature) and costs CHF 68.00.

Sämtis: The legend of the giant, huge sacks and scattered Appenzell houses

A long time ago, a mighty giant called Sämtis lived in Appenzellerland. His bed was the Schwendibachtal and the Meglisalp - with its velvety alpine grass - was his flowered pillow. Where he propped up his elbows when he got up from a nap is where Seealpsee is today.

Sämtis hauled his food in a huge sack that he patched together from the skins of hundreds of uroxen and tens of thousands of bears.

In reference to Sämti's giant sack - which, by the way, is also responsible for the Appenzell houses being scattered over the hills and valleys - we named our wallet "Sämtis".

The giant Sämtis with his leather sack

From "Traceable Leather" in 4 colors

We use 100 percent sustainable cow leather. The raw material for the so-called cowhide comes from organically certified farms in southern Germany and is vegetable-tanned in a local pit tannery, i.e. without the use of chrome or other chemicals. The "Sämtis" wallet is available in black, dark brown, cognac and light brown.

Each piece of leather is unique and absorbs the dye differently. Slight variations in colour and surface are a common feature of handmade leather goods. The appearance of the colours will also change over time, especially the light brown and cognac colours will quickly acquire a beautiful patina.

Appenzeller wallet "Sämtis"
- Made from "Traceable Leather": Raw hides from organic cattle raised in a humane manner in southern Germany, purely vegetable tanned in the nearby pit tannery
- Brass flower on the inside flap
- Embossed logo on back
- Size: H 6.4cm x W 9.3cm x D 1cm

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