"Me and my Appenzeller belt" - Joshua Amissah, picture editor, editor and curator

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Date : 2021

Joshua Amissah works as a picture editor, editor and curator at the interface between photography and text. The creative is currently freelancing between Berlin and Zurich for documenta, VOGUE Germany, Migros Magazin, Akut Mag and photoSCHWEIZ.

"Joshua, why are you wearing an Appenzeller belt?"

For me, the "Chüeligurt" is where simple product design meets unique craftsmanship. Honestly, it is simply iconic and somehow reminds me of where I come from. Even though I grew up in the city and not among dairymen, it means home to me. I also like to bring opposites together and combine the belt with modern and simple clothes. Experience has shown that the question: "Where are you really from?" is usually unnecessary when wearing the Appenzell belt.

The question "Where are you really from?" is superfluous with an Appenzeller belt.

Joshua Amissah

"What's the story behind your belt, how did you get it?"

I have been fascinated by the Appenzell belt since I was a child and always wanted to have one. The shiny and finely crafted metal fittings - especially with the laughing Sünneli - had taken my fancy. At the time, it was an accessory worn mainly by the Swiss grandpapi. I never really saw the belt in migrant or post-migrant family circles in my childhood. That has changed a lot in the meantime. A few years ago, I shared this observation with a friend and told him that I thought it would be great if people of colour wore such a belt. A little later he gave me my first Chüeli belt and since then we have been inseparable.

Are you being asked about your belt?

In my closer social circles in Switzerland, many people actually have one and it's something of a charged fashion piece. But as soon as I leave these spheres, I get different reactions. But they are usually very positive and I have often received compliments from strangers about my belt. Just last weekend I was smiled at by a strange lady and she asked me: "Why does a young gentleman like you wear such a belt? My answer was, "Exactly because of that!"


Feature from @coucoumagazin
Shot by @mina_monsef

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