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Secondhand belts

Secondhand Appenzeller belt

Here you will find carefully selected secondhand belts. The selection ranges from curated vintage belts from Souvenir to well-preserved and -worn secondhand belts to practically new and unworn, which are looking for a new home.

All belts are secondhand and in good condition, minor defects are shown in the photos and descriptions.

Do you have an Appenzeller belt at home and want to give it a second life? Click here to find out how your harness can be listed here soon.

Sell belts now

This is how it works: 

  1. Fill out our form with the details of your Appenzeller belt and we will make you an offer for it.
  2. We will classify your belt into one of the categories A, B or C. Depending on the category, we will offer you a different amount for a belt.
  3. If you accept our offer, you can send us your belt by mail.
  4. As soon as we have your belt, you will get your money. You can decide whether you want store credit (+50%) for, have the amount paid out in CHF or as part of our "1% for the world donate.

The circumference measured at the height of the belt loop plus an additional 13 cm gives the correct belt length. Example: Circumference 91 cm plus 13 cm gives 104 cm. The optimal belt length in this case is 105 cm.

Belt as a gift: If it is not possible to measure for Hip circumference , an existing belt can be measured: The length from the buckle to the most used belt hole is equal to Hip circumference. I.e. take this length and add 13cm, which gives the belt length.

Attention: Never measure the whole belt, because belts have different long belt ends.

Attention: The often used belt size normally corresponds to Hip circumference and is not to be confused with the belt length used here (Hip circumference plus 13cm)!

Childrens Belt: Calculated from waist circumference plus 10cm.

Do you take every Appenzell belt?
Almost! The best way is to fill out the form above and show us your old belt. We will then decide if we want to buy it from you and how much we will offer you for it.

How much do I get for my old belt?
That depends a bit on the condition of your belt. But at least
CHF 20 and maximum storecredit worth CHF 45.

The Secondhand and Vintage belts below look partly very different, why?
We offer Secondhand and Vintage belts from different manufacturers and over a period of more than 70 years - therefore there are always big and surprising differences!

Where did you get the belts?
Either they were sent to us by customers, come from our old stocks or were curated exclusively for us by the vintage label Souvenir.

If you have any further questions, feel free to contact us here: [email protected]

Sale / Vintage
Vintage by Souvenir14
Appenzell belt wide11
Appenzeller belt narrow11
Appenzeller children's belt4
Light brown2
Nickel silver8
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