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Media & Downloads

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04/2021: Mis Magazine: Men's World

12/2020: Annabelle: Chüeli bag

24.11.2020: NZZ Bellevue: 10 exciting fashion collaborations that are currently causing a stir

11/2020: Annabelle: Visionary Archivist

9/25/20: Textile Review: Appenzeller belt wins Digital Commerce Award 2020

9/17/20: Money Cab: Digital Commerce Award 2020: Great success for Appenzeller Gurt

4/02/2020: Friday Magazine: How we style Appenzeller belts now

02/2020: Mis Magazine: Cult cows over the fly

20.2.2020: St. Galler Tagblatt: People - A piece of Appenzell

20.2.2020: Appenzeller belt with BODE on the catwalk in Paris

17.2.2020 – Appenzeller belt presents itself with BODE at the Paris Fashion Week

2/17/2020 - ELLE: Emily Adams Bode Is Going To Change How You Shop

22.1.2020 – Design & Culture by Ed: MEN'S - WHIMSY. BODE AW20

02.11.2019 - Swiss Farmer: The cow is the most important element on the belt

08/22/2019 - Swiss Illustrated: This is how we tune the Schwingfest roadworthy

3/28/2019 - NZZ Bellevue: Belts are experiencing a renaissance

25.1.2019 - St. Galler Tagblatt: Urchig meets Urban: Appenzeller "Chüeli" belt now adorns a winter jacket

19.1.2019 - Swiss Illustrated: Street style at Paris Fashion Week

12/23/2019 - Rete Uno (from 3:23): Best off L'ora della terra

12/15/2018 - Meter Magazine: That's where traditions collide

10.12.2018 - NZZ Bellevue: This is what it looks like when the Appenzell belt is interpreted by a hip-hop label

11/29/2018 - Fashion Paper: Appenzell Belt meets New York Hip Hop

29.11.2018 - Raised Parterre: Swissness meets New York

26.11.2018 - Appenzeller belt - a Swiss unique goes to New York

08/2018 - Appenzeller Zeitung / Tagblatt: They developed the matching chair for the Appenzellerhaus

08/2018 - NZZ am Sonntag Style - Home Game

07/2018 - Upright: Folklore for the garden

03/2015 - Standortförderung des Bundes/ - "Portrait Entrepreneur" (PDF)

02/2015 - ZURICH SMEs - "Tradition meets modernity" (PDF)

24.06.2104 - Grü - "Interview with Caspar Eberhard"

02/2014 - Schweizer Hunde Magazin - "Discovered for you: Original Appenzeller dog collar" (PDF)

05.07.2013 - RSI LA1, "Telegiornale " - Servizio: Cinture appenzellesi: moda e tradizione (Video)

01.05.2013 - Natura - "Hip gold" (PDF)

05.03.2013 - 20 minutes - "Pimp your Appenzeller belt" (jpg)

15.02.2013 - St. Galler Tagblatt - "The secret of business success" (PDF)

16.01.2013 - Swiss Illustrated - "Online Tip (PDF)"

10.12.2012 - Annabelle - "Tradition on the Web: Handmade Appenzeller belts from the online shop" (link)

Picture material

Appenzell dog calendar

Collab Julian Zigerli

Picture material

Appenzell wallet «Sämtis»

Appenzell Gurt x ACC. HELVETICA

Digital Commerce Award 2020


Bode New York - more info here

Double Goose



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