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When Appenzell meets Orchard Street

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Date : 2018

Double Goose Jacket
& Belt Combo

Unusual constellations create something new - Appenzeller Gurt & Double Goose combine a passion for high-quality leather goods and craftsmanship.

Fit to last
HipHop meets

About the collaboration

Opposites attract: "Appenzeller Gurt" is launching a special edition together with the New York cult brand "Double Goose". Also on board: Zurich design.

What do Appenzeller belts and a New York brand from the hip hop scene have in common? When the two company founders Caspar Eberhard and Thomas Raynal met in Zurich a few years ago, they discovered their shared passion for high-quality leather goods that have a story to tell. The result of this collaboration was officially presented in Zurich on 30 November 2018.

From peasant painting to bomber jacket

The black leather jacket is reminiscent of a pilot-style down jacket. As you get closer, it flashes on the shoulders and pockets. Golden ornaments are there, motifs of the Appenzeller belt: suns, flowers and floral ornaments, stamped for over 80 years after drawings by Hans Fuchs. He is the uncle of Daniel Fuchs, the third-generation Alpine dairyman and producer of "Appenzeller Gurt". Inspired by alpine processions and peasant paintings and originally created for the suspenders of traditional Appenzell costumes, the ornaments have been used on leather belts for almost a century.

Zurich bling-bling, Appenzell tradition

Now the Fuchs family's ornaments are heading for new shores. As the centerpiece of the collaboration, they can be found on both the handmade jacket and the belts , giving the combination a subtle "bling bling". The inner lining of the leather jacket is a hand-drawn silhouette by Zurich designer Sebastian Schaub, symbolizing the origin of the leather jacket (New York), the current Double Goose studio (Paris) and the origin of the belt (Appenzellerland). The Appenzell belt created especially for the special edition imitates the seams of the leather jacket with its black stitching and is adorned with brass ornaments.

Double Goose: Trademark of hip-hop pioneers like Run DMC and LL Cool J

Popular with Run DMC, LL Cool J and Rakim The "Double Goose" brand was founded in New York in the early eighties and quickly benefited from the emergence of hip hop in the United States. "Double Goose" became the trademark of hip hop pioneers such as Run DMC, LL Cool J and Rakim, making an international breakthrough. In the mid-90s, the brand disappeared for some time. Parisians Thomas Raynal and Manuel Christin revived the myth 10 years ago and are writing the next chapter in the Double Goose story. They rely on old classics like the "V Bomber" but also on cooperations with respected brands like Patta or Wellgosh.

The devil is in the details

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