Size Guide

Tips for measuring: The circumference measured at the height of the belt loop plus an additional 10 cm gives the correct belt length. Example: circumference 60 cm plus 10 cm gives 70cm cm. The optimal belt length in this case is 70cm cm. We recommend buying the belt 5cm larger so that it can be worn longer.

Belt as a gift: It is also possible to measure an existing belt: The length from the buckle to the most used belt hole is equal to Hip circumference, i.e. take this length and add 10cm, which gives the belt length.

Attention: Never measure the whole belt, because belts have different length belt ends.

Belt sizes children

Belt sizehip circumference

Material: The belts are all made of the finest cowhide leather and are trimmed with brass or nickel silver ornaments.

Production: All belts are produced only when the order is received. This is reflected in the longer delivery times. The children's belt is produced in Appenzell, Switzerland by Daniel Fuchs. Daniel Fuchs is the third generation of his family to produce Appenzell belts, each piece is made by hand. For more impressions see "making of".