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Care instructions

Do not bring jewellery into contact with body lotion or perfume. To clean the earrings, use a very soft cloth or clean with warm soapy water if necessary.

Arose form deepest Appenzellerland

"Shimmering Scoops" has its origin in a golden piece of jewelry worn by men in Appenzellerland. It is a symbol of belonging, festivity, but also of death. It is part of the traditional male costume worn on special occasions. It combines a typical piece of work with the snake biting its tail and represents the cycle of life itself.

Appenzeller Gurt has designed two noble versions for women. Not more beautiful, but special. May they leave their own mark and live as long as their role model.


The "Ohreschuefle" has been worn in Appenzell since about the 19th century. The golden or gilded jewellery is part of the Appenzell men's costume. The "Ohreschuefle" belongs on the right ear. The "Schuefle" (ladle) is a typical tool of the alpine dairymen, used for skimming cream and making cheese. The earring on which the "Schuefle" hangs consists of a snake biting its own tail. It symbolizes the eternal cycle of life, death and resurrection. The earring is partly also worn in everyday life, but then without the "Schuefle".