Your Appenzeller belt made from deerskin

Locally and vegetable tanned leather from wild Swiss deer.

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Date : 2020

Sustainable through and through.

In Switzerland, about 15,000 wild deer are shot every year. The stag likes it here, it expands. It is shot in order to regulate the population, as it otherwise no longer has a natural enemy in this country (or too few).

In the sign of prosperity, only the meat of the shot deer has been used in recent times: as a game speciality it ends up on our plates in autumn. The rest was disposed of.

The hunted animal is a valuable resource and offers much more than just meat.

The team around Cervo Volante counteracts this: the deer hides are bought from the hunters and game butchers and tanned in Switzerland in traditional barrel tanning 100% vegetable without chrome. A challenge, because as a result of globalization, leather production in Switzerland is almost extinct.

Only 4 tanneries left in Switzerland

Four small tanneries have survived in Switzerland, two of which specialise in the vegetable tanning of small animal skins and bovine hides. The tanning processes are not automated and require a lot of manual work. Tanning is done in small batches (up to 200 deer hides per tanning). From the locally tanned leather, Cervo Volante produces high-quality shoes and accessories.

Appenzeller belt, the sustainable, qualitative and local approach of Cervo Volante is convincing, which - as in several other cases - has led to a collaboration. We proudly present the new deerskin Appenzeller belt in black, cognac and soon also dark brown.

Compared to cowhide, deerskin is finer and at the same time has an eye-catching structure. The leather is marked by the animals' life in the wild: fights with rivals or scratches from branches can leave marks on the skin that are still visible after tanning and dyeing.

The deerskin tells you its story of life in the Swiss forest.

The deerskin Appenzeller belt is a little more elegant and classy than the traditional cowhide version. It is therefore perfectly suited in combination with a business or festive outfit, for example, or represents a nice change for all everyday Appenzeller belt wearers.

The Appenzeller belt made of Swiss deerskin is 4cm wide & decorated with brass ornaments.

The belt sewn from two leathers is created in a two-month tanning process from leather from sustainably hunted deer (regulation hunting). Only pure vegetable tanning agents are used.

-Belt black: deerskin CH (front), calfskin IT (back)
- Belt light brown: deerskin CH (back & front)

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